Holy Week and Discipleship

Jesus cruxified and the cup
Holy Week – the time period of Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday morning, exists for those who call themselves disciples.

But why? Because disciples are called to remember, but with a purpose.

Allow me to unpack that statement.

Historically, Jesus asked his disciples to remember him in this way, when he at the Passover meal [Luke 22:15-22], transformed that meal into a tool/symbol for us to remember him and his sacrifice.

For thousands of years has used this time as a way to remember and to prepare new members of the faith family for inclusion in the life of the body of Christ.

Today, disciples are called upon to remember. It keeps us grounded in at least two aspects of our journey. First, we remember who Jesus is. Second, we remember who we are in relationship to what Jesus has done for us.

This is where Paul can write in 1 Corinthians 6:20 that we were bought at a price. A disciple wants to be like Jesus. We remember who Jesus is – what he has done. We remember his attitude, his prayers, his humanness, his faithfulness to His Father’s will, his grace. Each and every word and action of Jesus from Psalm Sunday through the resurrection, informs our journey.

Disciples are made, in the remembering, to remember with a purpose.

But remembering isn’t simply an exercise in motivation for right living; for that only serves to end up in living like Pharisees. We remember that the point of all that Jesus did and said, in this intense time, was for us, personally. Jesus came to save the world, yes. But Jesus also came to suffer for you. Jesus also came to be tortured for me. Jesus lived out his words in John 15:13, Jesus laid down his life, for you. Jesus laid down his life for me. You and I are that valuable to Jesus.

We are valuable because we are valued by Jesus

Living as a disciple in today’s world means a constant barrage of messages that we are not valuable unless we look a certain way, have a certain talent, drive a certain car, wear certain clothes, and are adored by people who want to be like us. And while most of us never attain value, as defined by the world, a disciple remembers that our value is derived not from who we are or what we do, but from Jesus. We are valuable because we are valued by Jesus.

During this Holy Week, join me in the journey of discipleship as…
– We cheer with the crowd, Hosanna in the highest, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.
– We continue to cheer, Hosanna, even when the journey doesn’t go where we want it to go.
– We gather around the table, with the apostles, and we give thanks, take and eat the body, and drink the blood.
– We gather around with those whom God has given to us to pour out our lives into, to disciple, knowing that betrayal is a risk and misunderstanding is likely.
– We join in horror, with the disciples, at how cruel the powers that be treat our Savior.
– We join in horror, like the disciples, at a world that teaches war to children and traffics in human beings.
– We feel the depth of despair, disbelief and fear as the disciples run and hide for their lives.
– We know that our Jesus understands our despair, disbelief and fear and does not condemn us, but journeys with us to “over come the world.”
– We wonder, along with disciples of the past, present and future, at the true meaning of the resurrection. Can it be? Death defeated!
Disciples are made, in the remembering, to remember with a purpose.

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  1. A great summary for this week of remembrance. I pray my walk helps remind me daily of the sacrifice Jesus made for us and to fully honor that gift daily.

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