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There is nothing like disconnecting from the rest of the world and making the time to focus in on our relationship with God. Nothing can compare. This is something that Jesus did with His disciples. He would pull them away from the crowds, spend time with them, teach them, and then together they would re-enter the world and begin to live out what they had learned. Time set apart helps us to remember that we people in whom God delights and dwells. We are encouraged that we live in the unshakable kingdom of God.

In 23 years of ministry, Don Rowe, has spend his entire adult life it striving to know Jesus more. He often describes it like this: “I want to be more like Jesus today than I was yesterday.” This is a process. It is a journey. A journey made up of lots of experiences, both divine and not so. Together these experiences are used by God to shape our divine relationship with the Holy Trinity.

Men spend time in the Word of God and the Spiritual Practice of Journaling.
Men spend time in the Word of God and the Spiritual Practice of Journaling.
Since 2012, Don has been focusing his attention to helping men grow in their faith. Utilizing a six retreat model done over 18 months, Don the the men that join him journey together to be more like Jesus.

On a retreat with Don you can expect to spend time in scripture, in prayer, listening for God’s voice, group discussion, group discover, and learn some of the practical spiritual disciplines that help to inform and shape our relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Click the link below for a flyer/handout that talks about the retreats that Don can lead. This might be helpful to share with your men’s group, leadership, etc to build excitement and answer questions. The flyer can be edited to meet your specific groups’ need, just mention this when you contact Don.


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