Constantly Representing Jesus

I have had the privilege of being a volunteer at our local police department for four years.  It was mentioned when I was “hired” and has been mentioned every time we have a new volunteer, that when we put on the uniform, we represent the Police department.  In our community, the police enjoy a strong relationship with the people who call our town home.  We don’t want to do anything while we are in uniform that would cast the police department in a negative light.  This is lived out by how we drive, talk, even stop in a local store or restaurant.  

Recently, I was asked to pick up a patrol car that had had some work done at a nearby dealership.  As I was driving home, I had the expectation that, driving a police car, other drivers would move out of my way.  In my mind, i was thinking: This is going to be the easiest commute I have ever had.  To my surprise, people driving in California don’t think anything about driving slowly in the fast lane with a patrol car right behind them.

Confession time:  had I been out of uniform and in my personal vehicle, I would have dropped the gas pedal to the floor, passed on the right, and given a look to the slow driver blocking traffic.  But because I was in uniform and driving a police vehicle, I did not.  I was very aware that wearing this uniform and driving a police vehicle was a privilege, and I needed to represent the department that I care so much about in the best light possible.

And then I was convicted by the Holy Spirit!  I am a follower of Jesus.  I represent Him to everyone I meet.  I have been made in His image.  I might be the only Jesus that someone may ever meet.  It is an honor to bear the name and to represent our Lord and Savior.  So why do I not conduct myself all the time in the same careful manor that I do when I am in uniform?  Why is there not the same conviction on my part to represent Jesus in the best light possible?

I know that I strive to follow Jesus and that living under His leadership affects my conduct, my conversations, my life.  But I do not feel the same weight to represent Jesus as I do when I wear my volunteer police uniform.  I am asking that the Holy Spirit lead me, remind me, convict me to represent well who Jesus is.  I am called to love God with all that I am, and to love others the same way Jesus loves me.  Some times I present well. Other times, I do not.  Thank God for grace!

So the next time that you think that no one is watching, or you are tempted to act in a non Christ-like way, represent well!  

Dusty Disciples Bring It!

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