How do I join a Dusty Disciple Group

Disciple defined
Followers [Disciples] of Teachers, [Rabbi’s] in New Testament times, followed their Rabbi so closely that they wanted to walk in the footprints of their Rabbi – to follow so closely that they were covered in the dust of their Rabbi.
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Do You Want To Get Dusty?
You are invited to join a brand new approach to discipleship, which in all reality is very ancient. This journey is seeking to emulate as closely as possible the discipleship making method Jesus used. It is all about relationships formed by time spent together. I am inviting you to join with me on a journey to greater faith and devotion to Jesus. This journey will take the form of 6 retreats over 18 months. This will be supplemented by readings and online accountability. This journey is not to be taken lightly, just as Jesus’ disciples had to leave everything to follow Him, we will be asking you to give up some good things so that you can focus on better things. This isn’t something else to do, it is something to be.
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Why Discipleship, Why Now?
Simply, we are called/commanded by Jesus to follow Him, to become more like Him. And… our current models of discipleship just aren’t working well.
Problem One – Discipleship is to be something we live out everyday. But most Christians do not make the time to nurture that relationship with Jesus. In short, discipleship is reduced to simply attending worship. The focus of Worship is not discipleship; the focus is God.
Problem Two – Discipleship is meant to happen in the context of community. God wired us to need each other. Discipleship, living like Jesus, takes a community in which to practice what Jesus talked about in John 13:34-35. We are commanded to love one another as Jesus has loved us and when we do, this is the strongest witness to the world that we really are disciples.
Man prayingThis New Approach –
This new approach really isn’t new, but it is an attempt to return back to the way Jesus formed disciples. Of course we have to update what we do for our modern time, but essentially we will use retreat settings in the mountains and on the coast, Bible Study and reflection, group transparency, silent reflection, read materials, and community building.
If this sound like something you know you should do and you want to respond to God’s calling to be more like His Son, Jesus. Then join us on this journey and get in touch with Pastor Don ASAP. Space is limited to only 6 people per group per 18 months.


– Stay Dusty My Friends!